Amazing Fantasy
(415) 681 - 4344
650 Irving St, San Francisco, California 94122
Amazing Fantasy sells comic books. That’s a lot of it and that only took 5 words. But nothing is ever that simple, and nothing fun and interesting can be described in 5 words, so we’re going to add to the above description. To borrow the borrowed words of Stan Lee, “Read on MacDuff!” Amazing Fantasy sells more than comic books. Here’s a partial list of the other things we sell: trade hardcovers, trade paperbacks, comic strip anthologies, magazines, toys (new and vintage), tshirts, statues, and preservation supplies (comic bags, boards, boxes, etc.). Amazing Fantasy feeds fans. Comic book fans get weekly servings of their characters’ latest adventures at Amazing Fantasy. Sorry, Amazing Fantasy does not serve food, but we can recommend great restaurants in our great neighborhood. Amazing Fantasy remembers the past. While some comic book stores today have moved away from selling comic book back issues, Amazing Fantasy carries both valuable and bargain back issues of your favorite titles. We have comics in mylars hanging on the wall, we have 25 cent comics, and we have lots of issues in between. Amazing Fantasy remembers customers. For Amazing Fantasy Saver customers, we will pull your books and hold them for you so you don’t have to worry about the latest issues selling out. Amazing Fantasy is not a comic book dungeon. It’s clean and well lit. And there’s fresh paint on the walls and new carpet on the floor. Amazing Fantasy is not like that comic book store on the Simpsons. At Amazing Fantasy, there is no above-it-all clerk that treats you like the village idiot when you buy a favorite book that he doesn’t approve of. Amazing Fantasy is not like that. And none of the Amazing Fantasy clerks look, sound, or pontificate like the comic book store guy in The Simpsons. (Although we might imitate that guy once in a while just for fun.) Amazing Fantasy – The comic book store that respects your intelligence.